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Here is a short description of some of our interventions, with regard to technology commercialisation:

For a developer of telecom convergence solutions: we prepared a map of the value chains and value propositions applicable to the licensing of IP rights and sale of FMS gateways to Telco’s and wireless operators. This demonstrated the benefits of an alternative business model that could provide lower capital investment and transfer of risks without reducing the project’s upside.

For a manufacturer of interactive media applications: we negotiated a services and license agreement for the use of a newly prototyped large scale tracking system, for use in a high profile Las Vegas venue.

For a supplier of logistic solutions: we prepared the general terms & conditions of sale agreement and we helped our client to close a service contract and a license agreement with Alstom/ the New York Transportation Authority.

For an engineering firm: we prepared an action plan for the commercialization of an anti-seismic technology. We prepared a detailed market research and mapped the value chains relevant to different product and service configurations. This allowed our client to consider the pros and cons of a wider choice of business models. We also counselled on the communication and lobbying strategy necessary to gain market acceptance and regulatory approvals.

For a product development company, we designed and negotiated a technology transfer and a development services agreements to SIEMENS. The transfer was concluded after two years of discussion and preliminary development work, during which i) SIEMENS financed the full costs, and ii) our client retained the full ownership of IP, thus capturing a significant added-value.

For a developer of on-line applications, we conducted a market and product assessment for a gaming service. Our risks/benefits review concluded to change the service platform and the territory focus (from USA to China, SE Asia and France). We later managed the implementation of the business model and roll-out of the applications.