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Our legal and business strategy practice focuses on technology law, technology transfers, intellectual property licensing and IP valuation.

Legal practice areas
Covers a broad range of Canadian and EU law, including:

  . Project finance / Corporate / M&A
  . Commercial / Contractual
  . Information, Communication & Technology
  . Intellectual property

Business strategy practice
Focuses on providing strategic information and guidance, in view of helping our clients to exploit their intangible assets optimally in a transnational context.

By delivering Value Realisation Services™ (VRS), we help our client to secure significant value at critical phases of the business cycle:
  . Selection of projects for product development;
  . Choice between moving products to the market
yourself or let a third-party doing it (licensing);
  . Planning and closing of financing, M&A and
commercial transactions (sale, assignment, license,
spin-off, divestiture).

1. IP Valuation
IP valuation aims at determining the economic value of products, technologies and intellectual property rights.
• Properly valuing IP assets is critical to ensure successful commercial transactions, litigation (assessment of damages), or discussions with tax authorities (transfer pricing), etc. • In the course of a valuation effort, we use a variety of proved methodologies and techniques.

2. Licensing strategies
Helps you to define and to implement the licensing plan that is best adapted to your business environment, considering IP, legal, financial, regulatory, tax, organizational and market issues.
Our practice covers strategic analysis services such as: market researches; building and review of business models, financial models (NPV, IRR, etc) and probability-weighted scenarios; risk/benefit analysis, identifications of barriers to entry and assessment of royalty rates.

3. Business development
In collaboration with High Spin Licensing, we can help you to find, sell or licensing IP and technologies.

Our practice covers the identification and presentation of potential partners/customers/licensees, the negotiation and preparation of contractual arrangements and follow-up services, project management and audits.