SRA helps to define and execute your business vision


Sylvain Roy Avocat (SRA) is a law + advisory firm focused on creating value for
tech companies, founders, research centers and smart money.

SRA specializes in the strategic and transactional aspects of intellectual property

Our offering includes Legal servicesValuation of intellectual property and Advisory
services on strategic business projects.

Established in 1999, SRA is primarily active in the IT, Media & Cleantech sectors.

Our toolset comprises law, economics, science & technology and business operation.

Our clientele is global, our roots are in Montréal.


Turning new ideas into profit has always been challenging. With the pace of change accelerating, new opportunities and novel threats abound. Capital allocation is increasingly selective.

To secure your wealth of tomorrow, it is essential to set your priorities right and develop the proper strategies and relationships.

This is where SRA makes a difference. SRA understands your value drivers, risk factors, market dynamics, and industry specifics.

SRA provides expert advice at key milestones in your business cycle.

SRA can help answer questions such as: Should we finance and develop a project? What is the value of our technology, patents, or business? How should we structure a complex partnership? What should the deal terms be? Should we acquire, sell or license? From/to whom? At what price?

Once the aim is set, SRA can help you close and implement transactions. Our expertise ensures that you make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Let’s discuss your needs and projects. SRA can quickly assess how to assist you.