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Sylvain Roy Avocat (SRA) is a law firm and advisory body founded in Montreal in 1999 and led by Me Sylvain Roy, Attorney-at-law (Quebec Bar).

When delivering Legal Services, additional attorneys and support staff are brought in-house on a project-basis. Our practice covers several fields and we deliver specific proven expertise when you need it.

SRA also works closely with patent attorneys, lawyers and brokers at partnering firms to offer solutions in connection with mergers and acquisitions and other corporate projects, patent application filings, due diligence, patent sales, dispute resolution and other business concerns.

The firm has a strong international focus and working connections to several trade hotspots, particularly Geneva and Switzerland.

Sylvain Roy is a Canadian attorney and IP valuation expert practicing in business law and technology law. Mr. Roy offers a substantial practical experience as tech entrepreneur and advisor to renowned research organizations such as CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and EPFL (the Swiss Institute of Technology-Lausanne). Mr. Roy founded the first patent brokering firm in Switzerland. He is a lecturer on IP Valuation at the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) at the Université de Strasbourg.

Short Bio – chronological with overlaps.

  • Science degree + Law degree + Adventure guiding
  • Commercial and civil litigation, technology law (private practice)
  • COO – VC backed robotic tech startup (interactive robotic control systems)
  • IP advisor in the ITC sector – Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong
  • CEO – IP brokering firm – Switzerland
  • IP valuation practice, institutional clientele
  • Business law + tech law + valuation – Montreal
  • Advisor and seed investor (AI, SAAS, Energy, media, pharma)


DaVinci Partners LLC specializes in US, Swiss, European and International Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Law.

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