SRA is the law firm for creative minds facing complex challenges


Sylvain Roy Avocat (SRA) is specializing in business and technology law. Our expertise lies in IP transactionscommercial transactionscorporate law, and intellectual property law.

What sets SRA apart is a focus on IP monetization and a its founder’s experience in operating technology companies.

SRA understands the challenges associated with product development, financing, launch, growth, and exit and take a holistic approach to problem-solving.

Our goal is to provide clarity in decision-making and to create business advantages for our clients.

With its extensive industry experience, SRA excels at structuring transactions in the technology and media sectors.

SRA typically steps in at the early phases of a deal or project and often participates in feasibility discussions. SRA supports CEOs, officers and boards of director, during negotiation until key deal terms are defined, and pricing or IP issues are resolved.


SRA reviews and prepares specific IP agreements, including licensing of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, IP transfers and assignments, technology transfers, research contracts, development contracts, data sharing agreements, joint developments, academia – industry relations, patent pooling.



  • Licensing agreements for the adaptation, broadcasting and exploitation of cartoons in China – for the first time, American television content received broadcasting authorization on Chinese public television.
  • A license term-sheet for the use of AI technologies in the European defense sector.
    • A service and license agreement for the development and use of a custom large scale tracking system in a permanent Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas.
    • A license and supply agreement for the use of a patented chemical compound in the context of pre-clinical and clinical studies.


    SRA drafts commercial contracts such as distribution and supply agreements, sale and purchase agreements, investment agreements and joint ventures, including cross-border agreements.

    Often, we assist other law firms by reviewing and drafting specific deal terms relevant to technology and IP. SRA also assists start-ups under special terms during their first year of operation.


    • Commercial agreements in the fields of electrical-electronic-lighting products, printed media and art work, merchandizing, cannabis products, and many other sectors.
    • General conditions of use (GCU) for SaaS, web3, telecom, security and engineering products and services.
    • Privacy policy for clients in the SaaS, AdTech, real-estate and web3 sectors.


    SRA advises on financing, corporate organization, re-organization and merger and acquisition (M&A), especially operation that involves IP holdings, transfer of IP portfolios and intra-group agreements (intraco).

    In the context of larger, very complex, multi-jurisdictions or urgent transactions requiring important firepower, we prepare closing documentation in concert with colleagues at other boutique firms or Big Law. This enables us to help clients in about all situations.


    • Structuring interco and intraco agreements in the context of a corporate reorganization of a SaaS company with $ 100 million in global sales. 
    • Corporate reorganizations and intraco licensing for a SaaS company operating from Canada and Switzerland. 
    • Joint-venture agreement term-sheet for the development of an aluminum smelting plant in the Middle East. 
    • Corporate reorganization by acquisition and financing of a licensed cannabis producer, including leading the discussion with Health Canada in view of obtaining the regulatory approval to the acquisition.


    SRA provides advisory on the protection, use, management, and monetization of intellectual property rights including patents, know how, trade secrets, designs, trademarks and copyright.


    • IP due diligence: assessment of valid ownership title, inventor and author titles. 
    • Situational analysis and recommendations for the protection, monetization and enforcement of IP rights. 
    • Review of infringement, patentability and freedom-to-operated opinions, in view of recommending strategies and actionable items. 
    • Patentability and Novelty studies for hardware and software systems; SRA has conducted several projects in the fields of software, AI, interactive media, security, medical devices.